so you look for authenticity

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled LJ Mass Riot to bring you this Revamped Shitbox Special:

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I do hope you can all find it in your hearts to not report this. If this Possibly Insinuated Paint Stick-People Nudity Which May Or May Not Have Been Intended As Anything Remotely Inappropriate (PIPSPNWMOMNHBIARI©) has offended you in any way, shape, or artistically insulting form, please place concerns in the comments of this entry and we will

i) take great steps to take down the offending artwork*
ii) make a public apology*
iii) take advice on how best to reform The Shitbox Project*
iv) I dunno. Make you all pistachio pudding or something fun like that.
v) ...hell. I'll do that anyway! :D

*We will take at least five days to do any of this and we may or may not actually respond to concerns. This is, after all, the One True LJ Way. :) </ snark>

PEE ESS. You do not need to know the exact nature of the conversation bribitribbit and I were having, but let's just say it involved...well, Voldemort/Corbin Bleu covered in pistachio pudding.

Here is the wonderful song Britt put together for my (and now YOUR!) listening pleasure: Slither Slither Mmm Pistachios
so you look for authenticity

victoire and teddy, sitting in a tree...

Drawn during History of Magic, five days later.

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James had a rather traumatic experience his first day of second year. On the train ride, he was forced to reevaluate just how much he loved his man and what exactly was the best plan of action to win him back.

This, of course, explains Teddy's new trifle hat while leading the ickle firsties to the Hufflepuff Common Room.