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Albus Potter is a very impressive person. Scorpius has always thought this, and Ferdinand quite agrees. It's not just Albus's stunning good looks, skill at handling a broomstick, or ability to look attractively brooding even in bright sunshine or the presence of unicorns and rainbows and puppies. It's the fact that he's Albus Potter. Al has the Harry Potter for a dad, and anyone who can make Scorpius's father quite that violently angry at the mere mention of his name is terribly impressive to Scorpius, who only manages mild annoyance or amusement most of the time.

So, there are two facts:

1) Albus Potter is hawt, and Scorpius would like to, for lack of a better term, break himself off a piece of that bubble.

2) Scorpius pales (both literally and figuratively) in comparison to Albus's famous father.

Albus is worth many things to Scorpius, but skin cancer is not one of them, so he decides instead to try to make himself more impressive through a studious pursuit of academic betterment. Unfortunately, Scorpius has a bit of a one track mind....

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The above is blamed on abbers44 because she told me to do it, and is dedicated to fantasylioness who is my loving roomwife and let me use both her MS Paint AND her tablet! She is the reason for the clearly improved drawing quality in this installment of shitbox.
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Some of my best friends from LJ and "RL" are moving/moved into their schools this week or very soon. Being the youngin', I'm applying to colleges as the others (Ella, Maartje, Britt) get to either start at or return to their own schools (Oberlin, Newnham at Cambridge, and Bryn Mawr, respectively). On a rare serious note, I would just like to say how much I appreciate each of them and let you know that behind the crack they are all absolutely brilliant, beautiful people. One day they will take over the world, which may or may not be somewhat amazing.

So, for all of you returning to school, in the applying stage (like myself), still in a lower grade, or completely done with the education biz, I hope that this year shapes up to be productive, enlightening, and anything but shitty! :)

End cheesy sentiment.

(Also, a quick shout out to abbers44 moving into Wellesley today! I love you a lot, I hope you know. :( ♥ Hope you don't need any sweaters yet...)

So, anyone have any fun, school-ish things they'd like to share? :D