like spontaneous combustion (mysticblueside) wrote in shitbox_project,
like spontaneous combustion

the teddy and james mixes

So, guuuuys. We still don't have an actual installment. Ha.

Eventually, I swear! To tide people along...I sort of uh. Made two mixes. One is of songs that remind me of Teddy and one is for James. The cover art is purposefully horrific, FYI.

So. If you feel like downloading.

Is It 'Cos He's Cool: The Teddy Mix

Ok, I can explain. Teddy's is basically a bunch of eighties-eqsue music and, you know, horrible pop. Because even though he's pretty amazing, he's sort of. Really lame? You know what I mean.

And the hair song. Well. :) Just go with it.

A-W-E-S-O-M-E: The James Mix

Jaaaames. I had to try so hard not to have his go on for fifty songs. I listen to a lot of "let's dance around like loons on a sugar high!" music lately. It keeps me going when I'm ridiculously tired or frustrated. So, James has a lot of songs to me. These seemed to work best for a short little mix, though. The first one is dedicated to Teddy. :)

kldas I am so dead, can you tell.
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