like spontaneous combustion (mysticblueside) wrote in shitbox_project,
like spontaneous combustion

in which i am james and britt is "naked"

So, on my final college touring session (Smith, BMC, Kenyon), I got to stay a night with bribitribbit at Bryn Mawr. Uh.

(based off of the basics)

To be fair, I screwed with the lighting as much as possible to try and make myself look less drunk (which I was not) and ridiculously nasty (it was late and I took a shower right after...hence Britt having my towel on). I also was blind because I was wearing my glasses over my contacts which is never a good idea.

Basically I'm just apologizing and making awful excuses.

Tags: claire does not have the power of naked, what could i possibly tag this as
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