britt (bribitribbit) wrote in shitbox_project,

Our very own likeafox is going as Dumbledore--or Dumblequeer as she affectionately calls him. This gave me much inspiration. Plus, it's a little bit of the taste of the huge, epic Rose-centered Shitbox arc that's coming up. Imagine: Rose, a Time Turner, and a trip through the gay relationships of wizarding history. It will be wonderful. Anyway, on that note, here's a Happy Halloween from us insanelings of Shitbox to you!

also coming up: bribitribbit and mysticblueside reenacting the naked shower scene--IN REAL LIFE. this is no joke, ladies and gentlemen.
Tags: albus, claire and britt naked (kind of), coming soon!!, ella is old and gay!, gay gay gay, teddy, victoire, victoire/teddy/james: the love triangle
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